Mk Week 8 – Who’s your Avatar?

Who’s avatar are you talking to?

Who's you're avatar?Who’s your avatar? What type of clients are you talking to? The only place to start when looking at your ideal client is yourself. If you can figure out why you do something, then it’s easier to understand others who may be feeling the same way. Funnily enough I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago on the importance of pointing the finger at yourself rather than other people when trying to solve problems (Click here to read it). Regardless of whether you have personal or business issues, the best place to start searching for answers is within yourself.

‘As the eye seeks and receives satisfaction from colors complementary to those which are given, so does need, want and desire, in the largest sense, induce, guide and determine action. (Haanel 11:7)

Who are you?We are our own ideal client. I mean who wouldn’t want a customer data base overflowing with people just like us! How easy would that make our work!? When we understand our own wants and needs we are more able to understand those of our target audience, or avatar. So why did I start this journey of personal development and enrol on the MasterKey Experience course? Well, I am a divorced (single) woman with three adult children (mother) approaching the midway point in my life (50yrs) and I was no longer satisfied with my life (dissatisfied). In my heart I felt there had to be more, (longing) and the thought of going through the same routine day after day for the next 10-20 years created a soul destroying, miserable feeling in my heart (unhappy, lonely, lost). I had skills, abilities and experience which at the time I felt locked me into a particular career path (stuck, trapped). I had lost confidence in myself, in my ability to be more than I was (self doubt, unconfident), and I couldn’t see beyond the confines on my comfort zone (limited imagination). I enjoyed reading personal development books but always seemed to slip back into old routines with more questions that I started with (searching, frustrated).

And there we have my avatar! My ideal client! Do any of these feelings resonate with you? Phew!….. hello my friend, I’m so happy to meet you. Now let me show you how I can help…….

‘In order to grow we I must obtain what is necessary for our my growth. This is brought about through the law of attraction. This principle is the sole means by which the individual is I am differentiated from the Universal.’ (Haanel 18:Intro)

listen to your heartSomewhere deep within, is the quiet whispering of your heart. That still small voice that can be heard when you are either totally Silent, or your conscious mind is completely absorbed in something else such a creative art. I felt that whispering like a persistent but gentle knowing that taking the Hero’s Journey through the MasterKey Experience would somehow change my life. I didn’t understand at the beginning that it wasn’t the MasterKey that changed my life. It was me. I changed my life because I discovered satisfaction, freedom to be me and tapped into the unlimited potential that was always and will always be my own creative, amazing, golden spirit. 

If I can do it, so can you! Find out for yourself and make your own decision, but most of all, listen to the whispering of your own heart. Click Here to join the growing number of people just like you searching for freedom to be themselves. The MasterKey Experience is a very personal journey, but with helpers and mentors metaphorically by your side you can change your life too. Click Here to register now. I see you shining brightly, alive and free. We are one.  🙂

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MK Week C7 – How to be a Super Hero!

Kindness is Key

HerosKindness to others is something most human beings would agree is important and key to a happy life. But how often are you kind to yourself? In other words, do you play the victim or the Super Hero in your own life? Often the words ‘Super Hero’ conger up mental images of Superman, Batman, Spiderman or even Banana man! We could take the cynical view that this ‘Super Hero’ malarky is a load of old tosh, and choose to continue being a martyr and play the victim of circumstance or environment. But sometimes things can totally shake our life, and suddenly we can feel all adrift in a turbulent ocean. What you gonna do? Who do ya gonna call?…….. 🙂 ……. Life Busters!!! lol

‘The law of attraction will certainly and unerringly bring to you the conditions, environment, and experiences in life, corresponding with your habitual, characteristic, predominant mental attitude. Not what you think once in a while when you are in church, or have just read a good book, BUT your predominant mental attitude is what counts.’ (Haanel 8:18)

KindnessWhen life causes us to question who we are, it is so much easier to play the victim than to take 100% responsibility for ourselves. But the role of the victim or the Super Hero are choices. Both require effort, but one leads to more misery and the other to freedom. Do you choose out of habit because that’s the way you’ve always done things? Maybe there’s another way!! Which are you prepared to emotionally fight for? All movies have a victim and a villain, and the billions of dollars spent on the movie industry confirms that most of us enjoy vicariously willing the victim to succeed and be a winner in their own life. Why? Because on a deep emotional level we feel there is a hero in us too, just waiting to be discovered. But how?

The MasterKey Experience Course helps explode old cynical views out of the water, scale the craggy rocks of your mind, emotions and intellect. It exposes the hidden crevices and dusty corners of your heart and mind to kindness and observing yourself to reveal the ‘Super Hero’ in you. No cape or funny underwear needed!  🙂  If being in your ‘own life’ movie sounds like fun, then jump on the list below to receive information about the next MasterKey Course starting late Sept. View the launch info and make an informed decision for yourself. Are  you ready to rescue ‘You’ from the clutches of the dragon and skydive into your own Heroes Journey?

‘In moments of powerful beauty, emotions move that can melt even the thickest and most cynical of skins. Endorphins flow. There is a release of tension. Energies, internal and external, flow and connect. The experience is not only soft and calm, but it also contains the power and creativity of nature and the Universe. To create and to work consciously with these moments of connection is spiritual intelligence. What do I mean by spiritual? I simply mean that whole reality and dimension which is bigger, more creative, more loving, more powerful, more visionary, more wise, more mysterious – than materialistic daily human existence. 

There is no theology or belief system that relates to this meaning of spiritual.’ (William Bloom – – Quote from The 8th Habit by Stephen R. Covey)

If you’re ready to change your life, then Click Here and register for the 2016-17 MasterKey Class information today.

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MK Week C6 – How to be 50 something and feel worthy for the first time

How worthy do you really ‘Feel’?

Being worthy is something that many people might consciously think they are, but subconsciously don’t really feel worthy. The gap between what you think and what you really feel makes a HUGE difference!

Feel worthy

Two little words that came to my mind this week as I sat contemplating life, the Universe and everything, were ‘Inside Out’. At first they didn’t really make any sense, and then a picture came to my mind hearing things like, ‘that’s inside out‘ as a child when you’ve put your T-shirt on with the label showing, or some other similar scenario. With all the best intentions, the words ‘inside out’ implied that something was wrong and we needed to change in order to fit in with the norm.

Later this same day I was reading a new book that I’ve just started called ‘The 8th Habit’ by Stephen R. Covey and the words ‘Inside out’ kept jumping off the page at me. I could hardly believe what I was reading. It’s not like they are words you read in every book you pick up! 

Covey uses the words in relation to finding solutions to pain, and the importance of finding your voice! That thing you do better than anyone else that inspires others to find their voice. And then it hit me! Unless we live from the ‘Inside out’ we won’t find that deep sense of worthiness that is our birthright, because our heart and our soul are on the inside, not the outside.

Campbell burnoutWe are vibrating, living energy and it is what we feel inside that is projected out to create our experience of life! If we allow the circumstances around us to dictate what we do and feel we are living from the ‘outside in’ which breeds  conformity and we slowly die on the inside. But our mental association with the words ‘inside out’ from childhood can trick us into thinking there is a negative connotation, when in actual fact, living from the ‘inside out’ is the only way to feel worthy, to feel alive, find our voice and be who we were born to be.

Covey explains great cultural shifts ‘started with the choice of one person.‘ He goes on to say, ‘Their character, competence initiative and positive energy – in short, their moral authority – inspired and lifted others. They possessed an anchored sense of identity, discovered their strengths and talents, and used them to meet needs and produce results. People noticed. They were given more responsibility. They magnified the new responsibility and again produced results. More and more people sat up and noticed. Top people wanted to learn of their ideas – how they accomplished so much. The culture was drawn to their vision and to them.’

You are Worthy

There is only one person who can change you and that is you. You have to decide to do what it takes to start living from the ‘inside out.’ Hundreds or ’50 something’ men and women who joined the MasterKey Experience have changed their entire life because they discovered how to live from the ‘inside out’. You can do it too. With guidance and support from those who have travelled the path before you, there is no reason to let what the world says is normal control you again. No matter what your age, it’s time to check out what it’s all about.

Are you living from the ‘Inside Out?’

Click Here to receive information for the 2016-17 MasterKey Class which starts late September. It was the best decision I have ever made. I found my voice, I ‘feel’ worthy for the first time in my life, I’m helping others find their voice and if feels amazing.  So can you! 🙂

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MK Week C5 – Monumental problems?

Successfully overcome fuzzy focus

Overcome fuzzy focus, believe you canDoes fuzzy focus cause monumental problems or do monumental problems cause fuzzy focus? Hmmmmm!!! I wonder!

This last week has definitely been one of monumental problems for me technically. Being still somewhat of a newbie to the world of computer technology, SEO stuff, getting various software packages to talk to each other, I found myself battling head on with what felt like a monumental challenge. My aim was to have everything set up ready for my online course launch so that I could relax a little and chill before ‘D’ Day. But oh no, the Universe had other ideas, and I found myself stressing in a way I have not done for a very long time. Eeeekk!

On top of all that I was mentally trying to prepare myself for my very first LIVE webinar to tell people about the course. The words ‘bricking it’ and ‘kittens’ spring to mind as my mind was becoming swamped with anxiety. Going to bed at 2am night after night, and then not being able to sleep restfully meant my focus was fuzzy, and I felt I couldn’t even aim in the right direction anymore, let alone actually hit the target.

Imagination clears fuzzy focus‘I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy’ were spewing from my mouth constantly, and as Davene opened the Live Webinar on Sunday evening all hell broke lose in my brain! Fear and panic coursed through my body and I wanted to run, or as Daniel Goleman coined it, I was experiencing an ‘Amygdala hijack‘! Goleman uses the term to describe emotional responses from people which are immediate and overwhelming, and out of measure with the actual stimulus because it has triggered a much more significant emotional threat.

How do you overcome fuzzy focus when you feel the pressure of what feels like monumental problems? You pull on all the resources that you learnt throughout the MasterKey Experience! You ‘Do it Now’ with gusto and trust and believe in yourself like never before! A few years ago all that would have been left of me after an experience like this would have been a gibbering wreck. Today, with all the tools I now have in my quiver, I emerged from the fire, stronger than ever, with quiet determination. The fuzzy focus is subsiding, (it took a couple of days lol) and I am back on my feet, even if, like a baby deer, a little shaky. Onward and upward we go intrepid heroes and heroines. This hero stuff is certainly not for the faint hearted! 🙂 Get the ‘A’ Team (Mark and Davene Januszewski and over 40 Certified Guides) behind you and you can do it.

If you’re ready to take on the monumental challenge of the MasterKey and emerge the hero of your own life, then Click Here for the next course, starting September 2016. Have you got what it takes?

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MK Week C4 – Thinking Bigger Goals!!!

Are you thinking too small?

Think Bigger GoalsHave you ever considered the concept that failure to achieve a goal could be because your goal is too small? In other words you may need to start THINKING BIGGER GOALS? When you align yourself with bigger goals you forget the irritations of the smaller one and move forward with a clearer objective and target.

‘Large ideas have a tendency to eliminate all smaller ideas so that it is well to hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all small or undesirable tendencies. This will removes innumerable petty and annoying obstacles from your my path. You also become conscious of a larger world of thought, thereby increasing your my mental capacity as well as placing yourself myself in position to accomplish something of value.’ (Haanel 21:6)

Looking back to the beginning of the Master Key Experience course I can see now how I was thinking small. I could not comprehend at that time anything more than a certain level of achievement because it was outside of my experience. I didn’t have the prepared brain cells to imagine beyond a certain point. As with any journey, be it physical, mental or emotional you have to take it one step at a time, and only as you venture deeper can you find the courage to trust yourself to take the next step. One day you look back and realise you are standing in the place that once seemed an almost imperceivable target and your past is now a distant horizon behind you.

Where could your imagination take you?It’s difficult to know exactly how you got there, and you’re not sure how everything will move forward from where you are, but you know you have achieved what once seemed impossible, and you have a new level of trust in yourself to keep moving forward. That ‘monkey mind’ has quietened down and your ability to recognise it when it does squawk is keener, enabling you to stay focused and on task, but you MUST see and feel your goal clearly in your imagination. If you can see it in your mind, you can create it in your life. Trust yourself and just take one step at a time. That’s all you need to do. If you want to find out how the Master Key Experience course could help you then Click Here and I’ll send you the information later this summer for the 2016-17 session. Receive the ‘Seven Day Mental Diet’ just for registering and challenge yourself. Can you do it? 🙂

In the meantime, the Gifted Life Creative Personal Development course can help kick start your creative imagination and prepare your brain to see things differently. When the next Master Key course starts you’ll be more able to THINK BIG! 🙂 The online launch starts Thursday 28th April. Are you ready to open your mind to possibility and change the way you look at yourself and the world around you? It all starts in your imagination! Register Here for details.

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MK Week C3 – Success in Life

Success in Life is being True to Yourself

kitty2I am surmising by the boom in numbers of people following the MasterKey Course, and other Self Development books and courses, that most people want to feel their life has meaning; that accomplishment and achievement are pretty important endeavours in life. Our continuous, unending search for happiness, prosperity and freedom from the ‘rat race’ drives thousands of people to question the ‘meaning of life’.

I know I reached that crossroads in my life a few years ago and made the decision to follow a certain path. As I did so I found it led me through a series of events and situations that eventually led me to Mark Januszewski’s MasterKey Experience course. My heart knew!! It just knew, that this course was going to make a significant difference to my life. I did not know how, but that ‘inner knowing in my heart’ that we all feel sometimes, was that this course was going to benefit my future in some way. It was time to be ‘True to Myself’ and listen to my heart, regardless of others opinions or concerns.

The My predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is that “like attracts like”, consequently the my mental attitude will invariably attracts such conditions as correspond to its nature.’ (Haanel 21:12)

Success in Life

Live the life you have imagined.

As I grew in understanding and began to open my mind to possibility, I first achieved victory over the little things, like disciplining myself to stick to weekly tasks, and gradually new habits were formed. These new habits created a sense and feeling of triumph, and as my self confidence grew I was able to step out a little further. If you want to learn to swim you eventually have to let go of the sides! Three years on and I can honestly say I am living a life that is true to myself, and if I were to leave this earth tomorrow I can go with a smile because I feel that deep sense of achievement, accomplishment and happiness that had previously always alluded me.

If success in life is important to you, then Click Here and I will send you the information for the MasterKey Experience 2016-17 class as soon as it is available in early September. Are you ready to be true to yourself?

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MK Week C2 – Lift Off

There is light!

konstantina 2After just over two years of focused effort and determination, I have finally reached the point of lift off! There is light at the end of the tunnel! As life rollercoasters go, this next couple of weeks are going to be the biggest I’ve ever been on. I thought overcoming technology challenges and the fear of being on camera was scary! Now I am set to do a live webinar Q&A as I roll ever faster towards my goal to help people all over the world reignite their creative imagination. With the launch of my online course only a couple of weeks away it’s all systems go both here in the UK and in Kauai, where the amazing MasterKey Team are preparing things their end. There are just not enough words to thank Davene Januszewski and Dayna Marie Merry for all the support and help they are giving. As for my mastermind partner Konstantina Bourmou, well none of this would be happening at all without her amazing support and encouragement over the last three years. A true friend and confidante, she’s been amazing.

sillhouette-1208271_1280‘The only way to keep from going backward is to keep going forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of success. There are three steps, and each is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your my power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.’ (Haanel 12:4)

‘With this as a basis you can construct an ideal business, an ideal home, ideal friends, and an ideal environment. You are I am not restricted as to material or cost. Thought is omnipresent and has the power to draw on the Infinite bank of primary substance for all that it requires. Infinite resources are therefore at your my command.’ (Haanel 12:5)

‘But your my ideal must be sharp, clear-cut, definite; to have one ideal today, another tomorrow, and a third next week, means to scatter your my forces and accomplish nothing; your my result will be a meaningless and chaotic combination of wasted material.’ (Haanel 12:6)

There is light

There is light

I took all that I have learnt through the MasterKey Experience course and trusted in the teaching and my own heart, never deviating from my passion and determination for just over two years. I know what I want and I have trusted the means necessary will show up when needed. And they have! I have had to make some calculated risks regarding time and money, and today I sit at the threshold of a new life, an ideal business, surrounded by ideal friends, and I know in my heart that my ideal home is just waiting for me to arrive. What more could a girl want. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey over the last few years, no matter how big or small, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. If you want to see what I have been up to then watch the short 1 minute video below and register your interest at 

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MK Week C1- Happy Is as Happy Does

A New Challenge

hurray.jpgI decided to join a ’30 Day Facebook Challenge’ to help me improve the way I interact and provide helpful, engaging content on my business pages. My friend Diane Cossie is an expert in this field and even after two days I have learnt valuable information and implemented the new things. Doing and achieving creates such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and excitement. I am really looking forward to the challenge this month and to get my teeth into something new after so many weeks and months working on launch videos, which by the way will be released shortly. 🙂

‘….we learn by doing. Reading these lessons will get you nowhere. It is in the practical application that the value consists.’ (Haanel 14:31)

law-of-attraction-postI have always been a very logical, practical thinker, and love breaking down complicated topics into manageable chunks to help teach others. But no matter how much we study through reading and listening, there comes a point when we just have to give it a go! We may fumble and fall, we may feel embarrassed at our baby steps as we try and try again. But eventually we get it in a way that reading could never teach, and then we discover our own wings and fly.

During the MasterKey Experience course I began by absorbing EVERYTHING, like a sponge, I just wanted to know more and more. I had an insatiable DESIRE to know why, how, when and what. But eventually you have to apply what you have learned or the whole exercise becomes a huge waste of time and energy. It was in taking up the gauntlet, challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and into the unknown that I began to establish my own beliefs and trust in my own heart. I continue to learn and grow and I love it.

‘Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.’ (Haanel 14:end)

gratitude-happiness-2Do you look to others for approval of your decisions? I used to. I was indecisive because I was always scared of making the wrong decision, and often ended up doing nothing rather than try and risk failure. Developing True Self-Belief is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself. Giving yourself permission to have a go, to follow your heart and trust your inner self knows where she is taking you. Can I see all the answers from where I physically stand right now? NO! Do I trust everything is always working out for me? YES! Am I happy? YES Am I grateful? YES Gratitude brings us Happiness. 🙂

One of our tasks during the MasterKey course was to read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Compensation Essay number 3. It was a tough read, but my interpretation of paragraph 38 is: Every person has weaknesses and faults, but these too are useful. Be thankful for your weaknesses and faults because they will save you. Our trials and tribulations are our teachers; it is only experience that really teaches. We cannot teach what we do not know. (Emerson)

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MK Week 24 – I am here

That’s Where I am

nevergive upThis week has been one of hard work, more techno challenges and great friends and family, so my blog is a little late this week. But it’s all good. Everything is just as it should be. Staying focused on the direction I am headed, doing my best not to fret over computer meltdowns and keep calm as I edit and improve launch videos has been challenging as things move speedily towards launch time. Haanel’s words have been most welcome this week.

‘Remember, and this is one of the most difficult as well as most wonderful statements to grasp…. remember that no matter what the difficulty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself myself; you have nothing to do but to convince yourself myself of the truth which you desire to see.’ (Haanel 24:10)

What I desire to see is a successful course launch, helping thousands of people reconnect with their imagination, my own personally designed flatpack home with a creative studio to run workshops and retreats, and give people a space to come and relax and reconnect with themselves. Back in 2013 when I joined the MasterKey Experience Course I had such a vague plan of what I wanted to achieve, and I didn’t fully believe it would ever really happen. But as I have progressed and trusted in the process and teachings of Haanel, and other similar teachers, I have discovered for myself that I can change my life, and that my dreams are just as valid as anyone else’s. That I can be, do and have anything I desire, that I am worth it.

jump-the-gap-1I understand it’s all about the journey rather than the destination, however I am now able to visualise my destination with a clarity and knowing that a few years ago felt impossible. I understand the destination is not somewhere to hang your boots up and stop, but the start of a new exciting chapter in the journey of life. What I will do once I reach my current destination is still a mystery, and one I am looking forward to.

‘Every form of concentration, forming Mental Images, Argument, and Autosuggestion are all simply methods by which you are I am enabled to realize the Truth.’ (Haanel 24:12)

As we reach the end of the MasterKey Class for this year I stand in amazement and joy at where I am today compared to 3 years ago. My understanding and knowledge of how our thought and feelings work has opened up a world of possibility I never knew existed. I have made the most phenomenal friends all over the world, and even though I have not actually met most of them in person yet, I know that I will and they will be friends for life, because we are all connected in a way that surpasses distance.

awesome-interview-questions-for-candidates-600x320‘The conditions with which you meet in the world without are invariably the result of the conditions obtaining in the world within, therefore it follows with scientific accuracy that by holding the perfect ideal in mind you can bring about ideal conditions in your my environment.’ (Haanel 24:23) 

I discovered that a Hero lies in me and the view from where I am today is freakin’ awesome  🙂 

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MK Week 23 – To let go or not let go?

Free Yourself

‘A generous thought is filled with strength and vitality, a selfish thought contains the germs of dissolution; it will disintegrate and pass away. Great financiers are simply channels for the distribution of wealth; enormous amounts come and go, but it would be as dangerous to stop the outgo as the income; both ends must remain open; and so our my greatest success will comes as we recognize that it is just as essential to give as to get.’ (Haanel 23:6)

oh-noHaanel talks about the importance of keeping the flow of giving and receiving open in respect of money and money consciousness is an attitude of mind. In nature if you want fresh water you have to allow the stream to keep flowing. A selfish thought is like placing an obstruction in the river of our life energy, which can gradually build until the whole river is dammed. We all understand that creating a dam in a flowing river creates drought on one side and a flood on the other, which is disastrous for those on both sides. Fear can cause us to hold on to what we have, especially when it comes to money. This feeling of not having enough money used to bother me, and a couple of months ago I was faced with a decision. Do I release my last small amount of funds to support myself for a few more weeks in order to complete the remaining leg of a two year journey so I can finally launch my course online, or not? I had a choice to make. I could panic and stress myself out over money, give up and conform to the beliefs that I have to get a regular job and drop a huge bounder in the middle of my stream. Or I could trust that the Universe has guided me this far, knows what I want and need and will not let me down. A ‘monkey trap’ is the concept of placing a banana in a bottle or a cage that is just big enough for the monkey to put his hand in, but once it holds onto the banana it can’t pull its fist out, and is therefore trapped and easily caught. The only way to free itself it to let go of the banana, but fear keeps it stuck.

winnie_the_pooh_thinking_icon_by_fadedxlight-d45kk6z‘The average person is entirely innocent of any deep thinking; he accepts the ideas of others, and repeats them, in very much the same way as a parrot; this is readily seen when we I understand the method which is used to form public opinion, and this docile attitude on the part of a large majority who seem perfectly willing to let a few persons do all their thinking for them is what enables a few men in a great many countries to usurp all the avenue of power and hold millions in subjection (like trapped monkeys). Creative thinking requires attention. (Haanel 23:9)

Hanging onto something we no longer need keeps us prisoner. Money is like a big banana for many of us, and working out what is best for ourselves requires individual deep thinking. I chose to let go of the banana, unblock the dam, and stop worrying about what may or may not happen. My priority  was to focus on what I need to do now to fulfil my desire to help people reconnect with their creative imagination, and change lives. What would you have done?

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